WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 1/23


Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. We have selected the winners of this Giveaway. We gave away 36 apps!

And the winners are...(drumroll please): Paul Yee, David Sundararaj, Hoa Chu, Andrew Ansell, Alpa Adatia, Alan Levine, Bonnie Rottstin, Chris Maycock, Donna Koskuba, Penny Nantell, Jon Wise, Margarita Menezes, James Perry, Roberto Novoa, Ted Dudek, Srajan Singh, James Bosworth, Jose Ramirez, Harvey Smath, John Rolek, Andrey McKay, Linda Puzas, Pamela Rodriquez, Philip Meadows, Kathy Alvarez, Rena Rosenfeld, Darlene Marcks, Jean Ware, Lloyd Pearson, Sue Stiff, Ilene Lanfear, Isaac Schinazi, Alan Silverman, Nick Michael, Lila Perry, and Barbara Stein!  

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Didn't win this week? No worries! Next week we have 6 exciting apps to give away:


Read the latest news about Apple, Microsoft, and software developers with TechNews! It includes news from very reliable sources, allows users to discuss content within the app, and much more.


 Safety Photo+Video for iPhone & iPad

You can now keep your most private photos and videos away form unauthorized access. Introducing the Safety Photo+Video. Used the most advanced security system to protect your photos and videos. You can then browse, organize, share, and manage your photos and videos right on your iPhone or iPad.




The Taximeter App is operational in more than 160 cities worldwide. This is simply the end of manipulated taximeters. The App checks if driver takes the shortest route. It gives you a quote for your trip and allows you to negotiate a fixed price. Fare is calculated with good accuracy: even slow traffic conditions can be handled correctly.



 Contacts Duster

Contacts Duster is an universal easy, convenient contacts management tool. The app thoroughly analyzes your contacts and presents a full report in both list form and graph form. At a quick glance you will see exactly how many contacts you have and how many duplicates and zombies are contained within. With the simple touch of a button you can merge and purge duplicate contacts in your address book.



Are you just a brick lover, an AFOL, TFOL, or KFOL? You are not the only one! Stay up-to-date on the latest news about Legos and Lego lovers all around the world with BrickNews! Plus, read reviews, learn about brick discounts, and much more.


 Virus War Game

These wars are invisible to the human eye. Only those equipped with a microscope can view the unknown. But everything has changed... with this app, you are right near the amazing, thrilling and at the same time dangerous world of Virus War, a real time strategy game, that demands immediate decisions, foresight, accurate and well co-ordinated actions. This is a world where every action determines the fate of the battle. Head the colony and lead it to victory!


Thanks and Good Luck!



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