WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 1/16

Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. We have selected the winners of this Giveaway. We gave away 25 apps!

And the winners are...(drumroll please): Ted Dudek, Eric Schweikardt, Holly Culliname, Richard Todd, David Christman, Chris Maycock, Michael Kondo, Eric Johnson, Joanne Nelson, Adnan Algazaly, Ronn Kukan, Paul Challoner, Andrea Earle, Philip Alderson, Ronald Robinson, Rhonda Whalen, Dom Phillips, Carol Anand, G V, Jon Wise, Tanya Pretorius, Eric Goward, Vivian Caputo, Lynne Spence, and Andrey Mckay!

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This app has been approved by the Billiard Congress of America as a training/teaching tool for pool players. It allows the user to replicate any situation they may be faced with in a real game. This is accomplished by plotting the object ball and cue ball at the location on the app table which represents the balls position on the pool table. The app will calculate the angle to and from the rail and display the shot.
Dash Race is the electronic version of a popular turn-based paper strategy racing game.
Always innovating itself, ever vast and reliable, this dictionary has some new features that expand on its pre-existing greatness. With over 639,000 entries, 1.2 million translations, 2 million synonyms, and a huge collection of idiomatic expressions in both languages, this work is currently the largest English-Spanish dictionary in existence, with the exception of the Unabridged Version.
Galaxy Battles HD is a board game with no board. You play chinese checkers in space.  Game Features include comfortable zooming camera, unique hotseat multiplayer mode (up to 6 players on 1 device); AI with 3 difficulty levels; Bright beacons instead of checkers and 3D stars instead of a wooden deck. 
In Goldman you are to control the miner who has only one thing in his life - gold. He's ready to blast everything standing in his way to another golden pile. He's a natural demolition expert who has lots of explosions for every type of ground -- everything from Molotov Cocktails for flammable coal to extremely powerful TNT for solid rocks are available.
SoundSlate is a custom soundboard app that lets anyone:
- create any number of soundboards with 20 sound buttons each; each represented by a thumbnail on a fast access bar that can be hidden
- load each button with any iOS-supported sound from their iPod Library, iTunes File Sharing, in-app recorder, or default sound effects
- tap-hold a button to load the sound, button image or color (from a color palette, camera, or photo gallery)
This app is best suited for children ages 2 to 5. 
- Help your child improve their logic and imagination.
- Help your child learn colors.
- Good background music acts as a support for their learning process.
- A good reading exercise.
- Simple and easy user interaction (just drag and drop objects to their matching outlines).
Watts Amps Volts Calculator is an electrical app based on ohms law for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.  Includes single and three phase calculators, calculate to or from Watts, Amps or Volts.
Thanks and Good Luck!


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