WINNERS: iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 11/14


Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekend Giveaway this week. We have selected the winners of this weekend's Giveaway. We gave away 10 apps!

And the winners are...(drumroll please): Rae  Henderson, Jim Enderle, Daniel Oreadi, Scott Squires, Kathy Lanni, Ted Dudek, David Iwaniec, Alan Levine, Michael Hardtz, and Jesse Cruz!

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Didn't win this week? No worries! Next week we have 1 accessory and 2 great apps:


 Wicked Little Buds

Wicked Little Buds are compact sized ear buds.  They make look small, but these little headphones are nothing to laugh at.  They come with a 1.2 meter cord with gold plated plug as well as different sized buds for maximum comfort.  


 Arcade Jumper

Arcade jumper is a massive homage to old school games.  The game throws big brother, Eddy, in a quest to find his little brother, Jimmy, who was sucked into an evil arcade.  Eddy soon finds himself battling through various arcade-themed, randomized levels to find his brother in this action-packed side scroller on iOS.



1TapTweet it's the perfect complement for the new iOS 5 Twitter integration, it fills the gap which Apple and Twitter official App has left on the integration.


Thanks and Good Luck!





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