WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 10-15


Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. 209 people entered this week! We have selected the winners of this giveaway. We gave away 11 apps and an accessory!

And the winners are... (drumroll please): Jenna Cross, Carl Lefevre, Dwayne Louis, Alex Bellen, Scott Gloster, Thabbin Sathasivam, Inam Naghar, Danielle Gennovario, Rick Lewis, Allan Angkham, and Ron Johnston won the accessory!

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Didn't win this week? No worries! Next week we have these exciting apps to win:



3DEarth brings the 3D view of our planet. This provides you with full view of earth in your iDevice.
***MAPS****  Zoom into reveal street level maps.
***SEARCH**** Search any place and fly there
Where's all your cash going? Did it seem like your money is going down the drain? Discover what your net worth is and how much your existence costs you!
Wireless Drive allows you to store, view and manage files on your iPhone or iPad. You can connect to Wireless Drive from any Mac or PC over the Wi-Fi network and transfer files by drag & drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer.
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