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Here are some of the hottest apps in this week's contest:

 Alley Art

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The apps simple interface makes it fun and easy to learn and create artwork. You also can add style to your painting, change opacity of shapes, add grunge textures, and elegant frames and share it online with family and friends.


iTheme is a wallpaper app, that has now become universal. It matches home and lock screens to a theme, the clue about iTheme is, that each theme is uniquely designed with passion and thanks to our theme Editor, can be rearranged, changed, coloured according to one's very special taste. There are millions of opportunities to make one's device look stunning in a very special and unique way.



Dailybook (Journal/Diary) 3.0 for iOS, its handsome, full-featured journaling app that lets users save & share text, photos, and audio memos in a searchable book format. With flexible text formatting, diarists can choose multiple fonts, sizes, color, emoticons, indenting, and bullets, plus multiple time-stamped entries each day. 




 Bumper Car Mania

Enjoy the thrill of bumper cars on your iPhone or iPad. Lean the device to speed up, slow down, backup, and steer. Play against AI cars or go head-to-head online against up to three other friends or online opponents through Apple's Game Center.


It is a nice and challenging game for its beautiful artwork, graphics and tough game play. Different maps appear with different challenges.

There are seven boats to play with and it’s a tough game of 3 minutes.

FilthyBugs is one of the simple but challenging games in iphone. It has become popular among user for the bugs it contains. User needs to kill all those bugs except spiders as they appear on screen. There are some spiders as well that come along with the bugs. Killing of spider brings the game to an end. If any bug escapes from getting killed – that results in loss of life in the game.

Meeting Gold makes meeting preparation, participation and follow-up painless and productive. Use Meeting Gold to prepare and distribute your agenda, take and distribute notes, follow-up actions after the meeting. Meeting Gold has more than 90% five and four star reviews on the App Store and is the 'must-have' app if you want to use your iPad in business meetings.


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