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Current prizes are:

1. RevJams FlipBack Smart Case for iPhone ($29.99) 

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The FlipBack case is the smart and perfect choice for full protection of your iPhone 5. Its 2-in-1 solution offers the standard protection of a case, plus a flexible cover that protects your iPhone screen and keeps your messages, calls, and app updates private. The back cover is treated with a protective and scratch resistant UV liquid plastic coating for maximum protection, while the front cover with built-in magnets protects your touch screen and keeps the cover securely closed. The unique cover with its 3 panel design allows it to fold back (FlipBack) in just the right places to become the perfect movie & video-watching stand. Speak freely on your iPhone with the cover closed to protect the phone's touch screen and prevent unintended dialing.


2. CandyShell for iPhone 5 ($34.95)

Sweet dual-layer protection: a hard outer shell and a soft, rubbery, shock-absorbent center. Two delicious layers of protection come together in this slimmer-than-ever single-piece iPhone 5 case. Two-toned color combinations make this CandyShell case a truly impressive piece of eye candy.


3. Blessings365 ($0.99)

Gratitude sets your attitude. Have you counted your blessings? What are you thankful for today? Keep a daily record and boost your well-being. Come on! What are you waiting for? Join the gratitude movement! Download this app and start recording and living a life with more blessings and joy.


4. iPhone Life Toddy Cloth ($9.99)

Customized with your favorite iPhone Life magazine logo, this toddy is multi-functional! It eliminates dirt, dust and smudges from iPhones, iPads, iPods, Androids, tablets, and even eyeglasses or camera lenses. Made from 100% premium microfiber for scratch free cleaning, it doesn't need any messy liquids or sprays that can harm your screen and its antimicrobial coating helps prevent the build up of mold and mildew.

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