iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaways! 8-17


Every weekend we will be raffling off tons of great apps and accessories for FREE. Here's how it works: Every Friday we will announce the prizes being given away through iPhoneLife.com, Facebook, and Twitter. To enter the giveaway, go to iPhoneLife.com/giveaways. On Monday morning we will randomly select the winners. If you win an app, we will email you the promo code to redeem the app for free. If you win an accessory, we will mail it to you.

The fine print: Only one entry per week. You have until Sunday at midnight to enter the giveaway. Winners will be selected at random. By entering the raffle you are applying to win any of the weekend prizes. iPhone Life is not endorsing the products given away.

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This week we have 25 exciting apps to give away:


The town is overrun by the Running Dead, and you're the only survivor. Choose your path, kill the zombies in your way and run from the ones chasing you! Never stop or they'll catch you! How far will you go? How long can you survive?

 Speedy Dial!

Speedy Dial! is a colorful, convenient speed dial app for the iPhone that makes calling so much easier & more convenient! Video demo at http://www.bfsnet.com/bfsapps/video_demos.htm

 Caveman Dash

60 levels, divided into 3 caves

Nerve twisting difficulty – only the smartest will see the end

Mix of action and puzzle gameplay

Pixel-perfect graphics

Classic button based and innovative touch screen controls for you to choose

Sweet piece of music to calm down your nerves
Meteor is a digital multi-track recorder featuring up to 12 tracks of high quality audio, a built in mixer, Virtual Instruments and multi-effects processor. Meteor is ideally suited for creating musical compositions, and also a great tool for journalists and business people who need to splice and piece together voice notes, narration or dictation. Compositions once mixed can be exported to standard file formats for use on your desktop PC or MAC.
Meteor includes a fully featured sound editor allowing recordings to be trimmed or spliced together.
OneNote editor app for iPad. Sync your OneNote notes between iPad and PC, add new notes with rich text editor.
Based on the popular animated preschool series SID THE SCIENCE KID, the SID THE SCIENCE KID Read & Play app features two storybooks, jokes, games, sing-along music videos, coloring pages and more – all aimed at developing early science exploration. Only for iPhone.
Good Luck Everyone!!



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