Columbus Day WINNERS! iPhone Life's Weekly Weekend Giveaway 10-8


Thanks to everyone who entered the iPhone Life Weekly Weekend Giveaway. 185 people entered this week! We have selected the winners of this giveaway. We gave away 15 apps!

And the winners are... (drumroll please): Joseph Wong, George Andrian, Maarten Wilbers, Johann Lamprecht, Loretta Holton, Ron Vogel, Coral Kawaja, David Benitez, Oscar Aguilar, Edward Yoong, Jon Wise, Russ Cottrill, Nisar Ahmed, Byron Gallegos, and John Galo

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Parenting is the hardest job in the world, but it is about to get easier with iBehave. Rewards charts can work, but they are limited, Young children need their feedback to be more immediate. iBehave lets parents affirm good behavior and deter negative behavior from the convenience of your iPhone. After setting an appropriate goal with their child, iBehave allows parents to reward good behavior (desired outcomes) with marbles . When the child's marbles reach the top of the jar, they earn the reward. Of course, marbles can be lost for various reasons too.
Phonetrait 2.0 provides a quick and easy way to contact people from your address book by tapping their contact pictures. Automatically sorting the contacts on the starting screen by how often and how recently they are contacted guarantees the quickest access to the people most important and relevant for the user. Of course it is also possible to add favorites, which will always be shown on top.

 iAM Stylus

If you are an iPad or iPhone stylus user, this is the Ferrari of the artificial finger set. It comes with two different sized tips attached to a machined aluminum body that feels like a pencil in hand. There are two magnets that affix the stylus to Apple SmartCover or to the side of the new iPad and the iPad 2. It keeps your screen smudge free by minimizing contact and gives you precise control over your touch screen device vs. your finger.

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