August 12th Biweekly Giveaway!

This is the official announcement of the iPhone life Biweekly Giveaway! Be sure to enter the giveaway at to win prizes, which we'll announce August 12th! We are raffling off tons of great apps and accessories for FREE.

Here's how it works: Every other Friday we will announce the prizes we're giving away through, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. To enter the giveaway, go to On the following Monday morning, we will randomly select the winners. If you win an app, we will email you the promo code to redeem the app for free. If you win an accessory, send us your address we will mail it to you.

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This week's featured items are:

1. Speck's CandyShell Case for iPhone 5: Retail Price $34.95

Two delicious layers of protection come together in this slimmer-than-ever single-piece iPhone 5 case. Two-toned color combinations make this CandyShell case a truly impressive piece of eye candy.


2. Aura Deluxe Folio with typing & viewing stand for iPad: Retail Price $99.99

The Acrobatic Typer - aura2 flips into action by gracefully transforming into a typing stand for iPad and featuring a clever privacy shield that also helps to block out glare from surrounding lights. Switch between display and typing mode with care and with ease.

A Display of Affection - When it comes to showing it's stuff, the aura2 is pure talent. Featuring three angle positions, the aura2 quickly converts to a display stand for your iPad—ideal for showing videos, movies and presentations.


3. iPhone Life Toddy Cloth: Retail Price $9.99

Customized with your favorite iPhone Life magazine logo, this toddy is multi-functional! It eliminates dirt, dust and smudges from iPhones, iPads, iPods, Androids, tablets, and even eyeglasses or camera lenses. Made from 100% premium microfiber for scratch free cleaning it doesn't need any messy liquids or sprays that can harm your screen and it's antimicrobial coating helps prevent the build up of mold and mildew.

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Good Luck and remember to visit to enter! The next contest drawing is August 26th!
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