Whose Device Is It Anyway?

I arrive home to see my college age daughter parked in front of the 42" surround sound time sink. I am out of luck as the squatter has first dibs on the tube. I sit for a bit with my eye being pulled and repelled by some inane reality TV show. I get fed up and defiantly pull out my iPhone and fire up YouTube. I take a check of the "Most Viewed" function and settle into "Whose Line is it Anyway?". This one is great with Robin Williams as the special guest.
I forget about the big screen and find myself completely absorbed in my 3.5" wonder. After a bit I become aware that my daughters laughter and my chuckling are synchronized. She has gravitated her "continuous partial attention" from the 42" monster to my device in a spontaneous and natural manner. Another conformation that "content is indeed king". Quality content will trump any perceived device restrictions.

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