iHome iP47: A Dock That's Worth Sailing For

iHome iP47 The iHome iP47 has just extended my digital centric iPhone existence. A self-described "Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone / iPod" is sleek and unobtrusive and puts out more than adequate quality sound. I did a quick pairing of the iHome and my laptop computer and voilà my iTunes universe is now being nicely streamed and delivering with sound to fill a large living room. The thin remote sports and clean unencumbered set of buttons. The buttons have a raised surface that gives great tactile feedback when pressed. Hitting of the mode button will quickly allow you to flip between iPhone / iPod, FM1, FM2, AM radio, Bluetooth Mobile Phone or any portable audio device through the in-line jack.  This makes it a very adaptable device and I like it.

My rant: The iP47 comes bundled with three dock inserts. At first glance all three look pretty much the same, but don’t insert the wrong one, as you will never figure out how to remove it. Read here; that’s what I did. Page 2 of the included manual gives a very easy explanation of insertion of the dock inserts but nary a word to the transgressor who needs to remove a hasty insert. A quick call to ihomeaudio.com technical support rendered an answer with nary a pause indicates to me that I fell into a fairly common problem. To save you a call, the detail on how to remove a dock insert is actually very simple. While looking directly at the device reach across the back of the insert and feel a slot. Merely stick your thumb into the slot and pull in and up and “pop”, outcomes the much-maligned insert. Any other twists turns or prying will not give up the prize as I can attest. The three inserts that are included fit the iPhone, iPod Nano and iPod touch. At first glance they all look pretty much the same. The instruction manual clearly tells you which insert to use. Determining which insert corresponds to which device is another matter. If the Force is with you and you turn the insert around and around in your hands under a very good light source you may get the glint of the lettering, that though very small, accurately identifies the insert. Though a long rant this is a very minor concern.

Though at present I have not had the opportunity to pair a Bluetooth mobile phone to the device all indications are that it should work quite easily.

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Recommendation: If you are in the market for a “Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone / iPod”, buy it. This is a solid product that easily and elegantly does what it was designed to do.

Apple likes this product and can be bought directly from them for $199.

List price $199 : street price on buy.com was seen at $149


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