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Bloomberg Mobile is a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch bringing you financial information from the world's most trusted source for financial information. This is the only application that I use every day on my iPhone.

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A quick glance gives a full view of happenings on all the major indices around the world. These indices are broken down by geographical location; so first thing in the morning I can view the European markets and the last thing in the evening the Asian markets. With a flick of a finger I can take the pulse of the worlds financial physiology.  Each market is listed in red if the market is going negative and green if positive. This color visual indicator allows with a glance a summary of the markets.

The top level screen also includes a view called "My Stocks" to customize your list of stocks / mutual funds that you follow. This view shows the current status of your total portfolio. The customized list will also let you drill down to show a graphic today's activity as well as current information and news that Bloomberg has collected for that pick.

As you can see from the red I was having a bad day by all accounts.Bloomberg customized





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