While waiting for the Google voice app, I started playing with Jott

I found Jott while checking into Google’s new speech recognition app and its not bad.

Basically, its a note pad the takes a 15 second voice sample, sends it back to their servers, and converts to text.  Its not perfect as you may guess, but for a quick note, the conversion is normally close enough that I remember what I was trying to say. :)  Caution though, it takes some time for the conversion to take place, so do not expect a quick turn around.  Also, think about what you are going to say ahead of time a speak clearly. Although it did fine with my ums.. and uhhs.. your results will be far better esp given you only have 15 seconds.

There is a free version (give you only 15 sec) and two paid levels.  The Pro level gives you 30 seconds and your note sent to your email. The normal plan also have individual email with only 15 seconds. More info on the various plans here…

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What I find interesting is both the Pro and normal plans provides the ability two send you notes to Google calendar, twitter, 30 boxes, etc..  At $3.95 a month for the basic plan, I could see the value if you are on the go and cannot stop to type, or really hate typing. :)  As for myself, I can see its usefulness when I’m driving. Now what would make Jott REALLY useful to me is to read my email and let me answer my email all from voice. Ah some day…  Also, ah someday on Google’s new app..  Hopefully tomorrow.

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