Twittelator Free / Pro 3.5 - Landscape, Tweet Songs, Geotag, Lists oh my!

This just came across the wires.. I use it so I wanted to share out as fast as I could.

Stone Design today released Twittelator Pro and Twittelator Free, new versions of its top-selling iPhone Twitter client. Featuring full landscape mode, tweet your playing song and album art, DM conversation mode to see conversation between you and another, pull down compose to see tweet you're replying to, update bio & photo, geotagged tweets show pin to get map, drag down to refresh, find people by name, hashtags defined, email whole list of tweets, plus many fixes and stability enhancements.

The key new features added to Twittelator and Twittelator Pro v3.5 include:
* App has landscape everywhere
* Tweet your currently playing iPod song and album art
* See conversation threads in Messages
* Messages fully cached locally
* Compose: pull down to see tweet you're responding to
* Update your bio, name & location from My Profile
* Geottagged tweets show pin for obtaining a map quickly
* Option to show only geotagged nearby tweets
* Drag down top tweet to refresh
* Drag up the bottom tweet to get more tweets
* Search over 3,500 themes from Themes chooser
* Show Movapic thumbnails and images
* Find People by their full name, just like twitter's People Search
* Tap a #hashtag to either search or define it
* Email tweet sends more rich tweet info
* Email entire list of tweets with rich tweet info
* User details shows if user is protected or verified
* Lists and Profiles are archived for faster launch

Recently added features include:
* Complete Twitter Lists support to create, view, edit your lists, and see everyone else's
* Option to geotag your tweets with your location
* Automatic ReTweeting uses new official Twitter RT architecture
* Old School editable ReTweeting available too!
* See all your RT's, RT's of your tweets, and RT's by your friends
* Reply All with one tap
* Integration with What The Trend, FollowCost, TweetBlocker, favstar and Tweeteorites
* Nearby Tweets of any location - tweet pin shows their avatar

With so many other power features including unlimited custom themes, multiple accounts, lists, record audio, shoot video, unlimited drafts, offline tweeting, Twittelator and Twittelator Pro v3.5 pack the most features into a Twitter client, mobile or desktop.

Pricing and Availability:
Twittelator Free is free, and Twittelator Pro is available for $4.99 (USD) from Apple's App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or from iTunes.

Twittelator 3.5:
Purchase and Download:
Twittelator Free:

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