Three user friendly solutions for accessing your iPhone like a USB drive

Since we carry our iPhones (and sometimes iPods) with us no matter where we go, why not carry a few documents as well?  I choose three application that are useful for using your iPhone as a remote storage device.   If there is one I missed that offers unique functionality, please let me know.

I think most of us are familiar with USB drives to move files around. Well, with iPhones having 8, 16 and 32 gigs of memory, there is plenty of space to put documents, like spreadsheets and powerpoint , images, music and so on on the phone such that we can have access to it at all times. If you are in sales, how cool would it be to have a collection of presentation documents available at anytime?

So lets have a look at three; TouchCopy, DiskAid and Files Lite.

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First TouchCopy (stand alone post here). TouchCopy is a paid PC/Mac application that allows you full access to your iPhones file system. Its main focus is to work with your music and photo collection, but you can access anything.  However, be REALLY careful, you can kill your phone if you mess something up.

Next, DiskAid (stand alone post here). DiskAid is a more simple execution of TouchCopy, but its free. So if you are just looking to move files around, I would recommend DiskAid. Be careful with this also. If you try, you can mess up files and kill your phone.

Finally, Files lite (stand alone post here). Files lite is pretty cool because its wireless and hosts its own server for any client that supports WebDAV.  In english, this means a computer can connect to your iphone using wireless through a web browser! I think Files lite is actually the most interesting of the three apps I talk about because of the flexibility offered. You could be chatting to someone outside the office and be able to share a document, or images, or whatever on the fly as long as they have a laptop or a compliant handheld device.. like another iPhone. Sweet. (I was not able to test this, but it should work). The only downside is you cannot access other files on your system like your Photo Library or your music or videos.  But give them time, I'm sure that will come soon.

Nate Adcock, did a far deeper review of this application on this site.  Check it out here. :) Go read it.  Now..







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