The smartphone watch Pebble gets runkeeper as an app! 2 weeks left to get one

The Pebble, one of the coolest smart phone watches I have ever seen, now has it first app.  RunKeeper.  Now if you do not know what I'm talking about, you can read about it in my orginal post on the smartwatch on PeriVision: Here is some excerpts:

Using bluetooth, it will connect to your iphone or android and get alerts, run apps and who knows what other apps will come in time. The phone is called the Pebble and its on Kickstarter. ...

There have been other smartwatches, remember the rumors that Apple is working on an iOS watch?  Well this is different because the watch it not trying to run an OS By using the phone do the processing, the watch is basically a semi dumb display that using your phone to get and process data. ...

This is listed on kickstarter and you can order one for $115.  Want to code an app yourself?  We for now you need to write in C, so this not for your amateur coder, but who knows?  Perhaps someone will write a Python or PHP layer on top.

Jason Jacobs, CEO of Runkeeper, wrote on the company blog today: “We know that many of you are always looking for ways to make your fitness tracking easier, and with Pebble integration, you won’t ever have to pull the phone out of your pocket or armband – you can just see and do everything you need right from your watch.”

I bought one a few weeks back and I'm waiting just like everyone else for this bad boy.  Cant wait!

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