Siri gets corrected. No longer thinks the Lumia is the best Smart phone

Log this under Siri control:

A few days back we heard that if you asked Siri what the smartphone (not smart phone) is, it would reply back with the Lumia 900 by Nokia.  This is because the answer comes from Wolfram Alpha, a service Siri often queries. Wolfram Alpha's answer was based on "customer review average" across the Web.

Well seems Apple did not care for that very much and took Siri to task.  When I was testing it, I could not get this to come up unless I said smartphone very quickly.  When Siri heard Smart Phone, I would get a set of canned answers like; "you're kidding, right?" or  "The one you're holding." or "We both know the answer to that".  Well now even if you get "Smartphone" to appear on the query you will get one of the canned answers.  This again brings up the question, just how neutral is Siri anyway?  Remember the dustup from last Nov when Siri would not give you directions to an abortion clinic? This just reinforces the notion that Siri is not neutral in the answers provided.  Something I really doubt Apple will address in any real sense, and something we will all have to remember when using this service.

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