Motally Mobile Analytics Contest for iPhone Devs

Posting this for a friend of mine..

For all you iPhone developers out there, there is a cool contest called “Trackappalooza” sponsored by Motally, a mobile analytics company that tracks both websites and applications.  Motally, recent winner of the Under the Radar competition for Developer tools, is sponsoring the contest which gives application developers a chance to win over $15,000 in prizes, including a trip to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (hotel also included).  The deadline to apply for the contest has just been extended to Dec. 31.   There are so many categories so the chances to walk away with a prize are good.  The following are some of the high level details of the contest:

• Grand Prize includes individual prize as well as a Pass to Mobile World Congress and hotel
• 2nd Place:  Fifteen Prizes of $1,000 each, $5000 total for each of the following platforms – iPhone, Android and Blackberry
3rd Place: $500 drawing (one app will be chosen at random)
To enter, integrate the Motally analytics API into your app to be eligible to win.  Motally’s API helps developers monitor usage of apps so you can learn more about your users and their behavior as well as improve your product offering.   More details on the contest are online at
Good luck!
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