iOS4devcamp winners

Ah, another dev camp has come and gone and as alwasy, a great slew of apps.  I would hate to have the job to vote for the winners.  But someone did it and here are your winners.  Quite a number of apps I cannot wait to see in the store especially Bugaboo.  :)


55 Hackathon teams competed on Sunday afternoon, many of whom had never met before the previous Friday evening. The winners are:

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  • Coolest App: SuperRover “Want to control a Lego Mindstorm NXT rover with an iPad over bluetooth? There’s an app for that!”, by Zac B, Charles D., Max W. and Jonathan R. Honorable Mention: Optical Curiosities by Andrew Pouliot and Brian Chapados.
  • Best use of PayPal API: PayFace “PayFace is an app that uses facial recognition to pay anyone who has a PayPal account”, by David Bello. Honorable Mention: PayKids by Eli Stone, Andrew Stone and Ollie Wagner
  • Most Innovative: iEurope “iPad Europe travel app for children. It’s a 360 panorama of different countries with music/sound changing as a different country appears in the app”, by Amy Wang, Ivan Torres, Scotty Allen and Daniel Pasco.
  • Most Useful App: Coverage? “Got Signal?  Coverage? is a universal cell phone carrier map browser – overlaying AT&T, Sprint and Verizon coverage maps”, by Chris Dunphy & Cherie Ve Ard. Honorable Mention: iRecoveryWatch by Mike Sax, Dantha Manikka-Baduge, Muthu Nat, Consuelo Griego, John Varghese and Hoa Long Tam
  • Most Monetizable: LexStudio . “Produce a live event, send streaming video to a wide audience and switch between multiple video inputs, all from an iPhone”, by Alex Bratton, Zach Ullevig, Matthew Knippen and Joe Carroll (all from LexTech).
  • Most Accessible: Accessible TableView Library “Open source library to make table-view apps more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired” by Michael Patrick Ellard.
  • Best Hardware HackGeesel “Easel for the iPad, with articulating arm on a stainless steel axel which adjusts easily to your preferred viewing angle” by Michael Madson.
  • Best Game: DIODE, “An ah-mazing game for iPad” by John Ellenich and David Liu. Honorable Mention: xTanks by Eddie Chen and Todd Powers.
  • Best Social AppSocialPong, “Crowd-sourced classic Pong on the iPad — use your iPhone or any web-based device to help change the speed and direction of your team’s paddle!” by Anna Billstrom and Stacie Hibino.
  • Best User Interface: HabiTimer, “Unique interface for local notifications that trigger flexibly throughout the day. Use for medications, diet, work break reminders…” by Robert McNally.
  • Best Open Source: DragKit “DragKit is an opensource framework to help developers implement drag and drop within their app. DragKit also allows for drag and drop between applications that implement the framework” by Zac White, Barry Burton and Andy Mai. (source)
  • Best Developer ToolBugaboo “Bugaboo is tool for debugging web apps on iOS devices”, by Ishan Anand.
  • Best Upcoming Developer: Unreal Model Viewer “Loads Unreal Engine Model files and displays the animation loops for each of the characters/monsters”, by Andrew Dudney (and his father Bill Dudney).
  • Best use of Web APIs: Flickr Photo Map, “Explore the world through Flickr photos.  Drill down to any location, filter by tags and usernames, explore your world”, by Tyler White. Honorable Mention: CoverCake by Sujee Maniyam.
  • Best Web App: FlicPic, “An app for viewing photos from Twitter on the iPad.  Uses iUI and CSS transitions to create a compelling user experience”, by Mike Xu, Isaiah CarewJoshua MauldinNicole Lazzaro, James Harris and Erik Bryn. Honorable Mention: PhotoPic, by Adam Tow.
  • Ironman Award for Most Helpful Developer: Max Weisel, who contributed to many different projects and also demonstrated the amazing USB Sync.
  • Best Sacrifice to the Demo Gods (or “Even Steve Jobs sometimes can’t make the wifi work”): Audio Tunes by Thiago Jackiw, Andrew Prasetyo, Jon Bardin.
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