iFun lets you use your iPhone like a wii controller for your PC

This is just plain sweet.  Now first off, I could not get the sync to work for me, most likely because this just came out and servers are over loaded, but I get the idea well enough.

I wrote on SGN before and really liked what they were doing. The only issue I had was the disconnect between using the iPhone as a controller and then using it was a display. Well, with iFun, that is taken care of.  What you do is create an account on their servers, then login via that iPhone.  Now actions performed on the iphone are sent the server to be carried out on the game.  For now they have golf, but you can see where this is going.. you can play football, fly an airplane, light saber fight.. the possibilities go on and on.  In fact, with some work and time, someone(s) will recreate many of the popular wii games and port them for iphones. Now the iphone is not as good and the wii controller, but, any single action or position control games should work fine.

Although I could not get this to work first off, you KNOW I will be trying again later. :)

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Here is a link with a video showing it in action!

iFun Golf from SGN AR on Vimeo.

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