Home activation to return to the iPhone

A week back I wrote a commentary on iphone's going on sale in wal-mart's (still officially rumor) and wrote the following:

What if Apple supplied a specialist per store?  Well, that could work, but is it worth it?  Do you really think there are enough people who are looking to buy an iPhone to go to Wal-mart to make it worth staffing those stores?

What if Apple sells the iPhone as devices like they did with the first version?  Ahh.. that might make more sense. So if we are to believe the rumors then we could see a reversal of Apple’s ‘buy turned on’ only policy. (full story here)

So what do I see in engadget today?

-- we've just confirmed that Apple and AT&T have quietly brought back in-home activation. Sure, it's been available in limited circumstances before, but now it's here and for real, just like with the first-gen unit. Would-be unlockers looking to score a phone for $199 flat can't start celebrating just yet, though -- you'll still have to provide your billing details and face an ETF if you don't activate within a set period of time.

Yup.  Makes total sense.

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