ClearCam finally coming to the App store!!!

Hi iPhone Life'rs.  Yes, its been awhile, but I'm like that.  I get busy.  However, when I got this email from Occipital, I HAD to post up. The version that is on the site now is NOT the full power version, but its still pretty useful.  When you take a picture, it will shoot 3 times and pick the best of for you.  Pretty cool right there, but wait there's more... well, there will BE more soon when they do the next version.

In the coming version, you will be able to increase both the sharpness AND resolution of a picture.  Go here for more info:

Take better photos with clearCam

The way it works is pretty fascinating, it take 6 shots total, and uses 4 of the shots ( in black and white) to improve the sharpness and resolution of the first two color. shots.  Complicated yes, and not good for moving subjects, but believe me, if you have a 3G phone, or even a 3GS, you will be quite impressed on the level of improvement.  Have a look at these shots.

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Nice eh? its actually cleaned up a blurry shot that I took.

So again, this is NOT the version in the store now, but I would fully recommend getting it anyway.  $1.99 for better pics?  Worth it.   I'll try to post up again when the full version is out.

Get ClearCam


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