Build an app over the weekend! iOSDevCamp is on

iOSdevCamp at 9:30am

Its iOSDevCamp time again.  If you do not know what it is, #iOSDevCamp is a weekend event where iOS devs from all over the country ( and some from outside the US ) come to meet up and try to build an iphone / ipad application in a weekend.  This may sound impossible, but after doing this myself the last 2 years, I can attest that you will see some pretty nice apps coming out on Sunday. Whats interesting is that the event is not only just here.  There are satellite events.

The way it works people show up, normally on Friday night, over beers and junk food, meet and great. What is always amazing to me is how people find each other to create teams to build products. Many people come in with idea, but a large number come here just for the experience, and its a great experience. And you do not need to be an iOS dev to participate. There is needs for UI design and back end programming (normally using LAMP). Normally those are the people using PC’s.

On Sunday, everyone gives a demo of what they have created.  The last two times I did this, my team was exhausted by show time and I have to say doing a presentation after staying up 3 days in a row was an experience in itself.

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Its not too late to get in on this camp if you get moving right now.  You can come down to san jose and join a team.  If you want to see what kind of stuff a barcamp type of event can come up with, check into the live stream on Sunday.  You will be impressed.

There is more info and a live feed on iOSDevCamp2011 here.

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