Hola, iPhone Lifers


Hola and Hello iPhone Lifers!  I'm another new iPhone blogger here, and as you may have guessed, this is just my 'Hi There, I'm new here' post.

I've been a contributing writer for the printed iPhone Life magazine since its debut issue and I'm really looking forward to being an online contributor here as well.  I also run my own iPhone dedicated site, called Just Another iPhone Blog – so though I’m new here, I’m a veteran iPhone app fiend and blogger. :)

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Some of the subjects I hope to write about here include: iPhone apps, the App Store, and some of the ways I'd like to see Apple improve things for those of us who are 'app junkies'.

Oh, and since apps and the power of the iPhone OS as a mobile platform, are what most interest me, I also want to talk to lots of interesting people about what apps they use and how they use their iPhone.  In fact, my next post here will be the first in a series called 'A Day In The iPhone Life of ...' - and will feature interviews with some interesting iPhone users.

Hope you'll tune in, or turn up, for that too ...

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Austinite, former Londoner, husband, father to a lovely daughter. Founder of Just Another iPhone Blog and Just Another iPad Blog sites, mobile tech and iOS apps fanatic.