Spotify - First Look


What is Spotify? Here is the description from the App Store:

Stream millions of tracks from thousands of albums and artists to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Take your existing Spotify playlists with you on the go - listen to them during your commute, in the gym or on a flight. With ‘Offline mode’ you can listen even when no connection is available. Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone to merge your catalogue with ours, no cables required! Download and get started directly from your mobile.

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• Wirelessly sync your local files to your phone
• Create and sync playlists
• Receive music from friends via the inbox
• Star your favourite tracks
• Scrobble tracks to

Spotify Premium provides you with:
• Access to over 13 million tracks from our catalogue
• Offline playlists – listen to music with no mobile connection and avoid using your data allowance

I have spent the past couple of hours with Spotify Premium and it is already my favorite way to listen to music. So far I find it very easy to find the artists I enjoy. I have tried it on both my iPhone and my iPad (iPhone app) and it works well. As a music lover, it is like being at a $10 a month all-you-can-eat buffet. There is also a $5 per month level and a free level, but the free level is currently invitation only in the US.

Right now I rate Spotify 5 out of 5 stars. That may change as I spend more time with the app. Check back soon for a full review. I have playlists to build……

Randy Herring
Asgard Studios

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Randy Herring is the owner and programmer for Asgard Studios, where he develops games for the iPad and iPhone with his son Raymond. Randy has 30 years of software development and writing experience including programming, designing software, documenting and promoting software, creating user documentation and web site content. He became interested in computer games while playing Colossal Cave Adventure on a mainframe computer in college. In addition to all things iPad and iPhone, Randy is interested in history, photography and music.