Pivotal Tracker for iPad and iPhone

The Pivotal Tracker app is designed to allow iOS access to you Pivotal Tracker account. Pivotal Tracker is a web site that offers a simple, story-based agile project planning tool. Teams can use Pivotal Tracker to collaborate and react instantly to real-world changes. While it's based on agile software development methods it can be used on any type of agile creative project.


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On the web site you can create projects which contain stories. There are four types of stories in Pivotal Tracker: Features, Chores, Bugs, and Releases. The site has several plans including a free plan. I used the free plan to write this review. The free plan allows you to create up to 5 private projects but it does not allow others to collaborate with you on those projects. The lowest cost paid plan is the STARTUP S plan which costs $7/month and includes 5 projects 3 collaborators and 1GB of file storage. The top of the line plan is the Pro 3XL plan which costs $750/month and includes unlimited projects 500 collaborators and unlimited file storage.
The iOS app contains similar functionality on both the iPhone and the iPad. The app allows you to work with your Pivotal Tracker projects using a well designed touch interface. Within the app you can create and prioritize stories, post comments, add tasks and view attachments. The app also allows you to quickly search for and then update a story. 
There are several views in the Pivotal Tracker iOS app including Done, Current & Backlog, IceBox, and My Work. There is a drop down that allows you to pick a project to view and update. Additionally there is a pop up screen for creating a new story.
The Icebox is where stories are kept until they are scheduled for inclusion into the project. Stories are then moved into either the backlog or the current iteration on the Current & Backlog view. When an iteration has ended, the stories that were completed in that iteration flow to the Done view.
The My Work view shows your in progress stories. You can tap on a story to edit it or touch and hold the story in order to move it up and down in priority. While editing a story you can also add new tasks to the story and add new comments.
I found the Pivotal Tacker iOS app to be a great way to manage agile projects on my iPad. Once a project has been set up on the web site, all of the daily project planning and tracking tasks can be performed on the iOS app. This exactly the kind of app I was looking for to easily manage my agile projects using my iPad. 
The Pivotal Tracker app is free in the App Store. I rate the app 5 out of 5 stars.
Randy Herring
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Randy Herring is the owner and programmer for Asgard Studios, where he develops games for the iPad and iPhone with his son Raymond. Randy has 30 years of software development and writing experience including programming, designing software, documenting and promoting software, creating user documentation and web site content. He became interested in computer games while playing Colossal Cave Adventure on a mainframe computer in college. In addition to all things iPad and iPhone, Randy is interested in history, photography and music.