MOG for iPad

I recently changed the premium music service on my iPad from Spotify to MOG. At the time I made the change Spotify did not have an iPad app. Even though Spotify does have an iPad app now, I am sticking with MOG.

What I like most about MOG is the ease of discoverability for new artists and the ease of marking songs, albums or artists as favorites. 
So let's take a look at some of the features of the MOG iPad app. If you want to use MOG on the iPad or iPhone, a subscription that costs $9.99 is required which is what I was paying with Spotify. MOG says that they have over 15 million songs in their library. 
When you first open the app, there is a page labeled "Just for You" that provides suggestions based on your listening habits. I have discovered several new artists that I really like from this page and albums of my favorite artists that I did not know about. Each album has a large "Plus" icon that lets you add the album to your favorites, go to the artist, share the album with your friends or queue to album to be played. The app has a queue of songs that will be played which can be rearranged or cleared.
There is a page labeled "My Favorites" which has tabs for Artists, Albums, Songs and Playlists. This is the page I use most often. Usually when I open MOG, I touch on My Favorites, then choose an artist which opens the Artist page. Once on the Artist page I either play the artist radio or touch the Album tab and choose one of the albums for that artist and play the whole album. Of course you can also touch the Songs tab and pick individual songs to add to the queue. You can play the entire album in order or shuffle the songs. You can also set the app to replay the album continuously.
For discovering music by my favorite artists or new artists that are similar, nothing I have used beats the Artist Radio feature of the MOG app. Based on the setting you choose MOG Radio will cycle through music from the selected artist or queue up music from similar artists. Many times I have just turned on the radio and let it find me music I like. If it starts playing something I don't like, I just skip to the next song in the queue. While the song is playing if you tap on the album cover the app will bring up a full screen image of the cover which can be easily slid out of the way in order to get back to the main screen of the app.
The artist page usually has an overview description of the artist and their music. Many of the album pages also have a description and/or a review of the album.
There is a "My Playlists" page which shows you playlists that you have created using MOG on your computer. You can queue up the playlist in order or use the shuffle feature.
I have used many different apps to listen to music on my iPhone and iPad including AOL Radio, Pandora, SiriusXM and Spotify. By far, I enjoy using MOG the best of all of them. It is the only premium music service I use now on the iPhone and iPad. I would give the app 5 stars if I could create playlists on the iPad instead of having to use my Mac.
I rate MOG for iPad 4 out of 5 stars. It is available for free in the App Store but requires a subscription for $9.99 per month.
Randy Herring
Asgard Studios
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Randy Herring is the owner and programmer for Asgard Studios, where he develops games for the iPad and iPhone with his son Raymond. Randy has 30 years of software development and writing experience including programming, designing software, documenting and promoting software, creating user documentation and web site content. He became interested in computer games while playing Colossal Cave Adventure on a mainframe computer in college. In addition to all things iPad and iPhone, Randy is interested in history, photography and music.