ZooGue "Genius" iPad Case


  Zoogue’s, leather-folio style "Genius" case for the iPad is a "HOMERUN".  The Genius case is a great case with many features to accommodate the user’s needs.  This company has constructed one of the finest leather folio iPad cases to date.  It has features for most every situation.  I really liked the idea of being able to fasten the iPad case to the headrest of an automobile.  When my iPad is in the Zoogue case I am confident that it's safe and secure. 

  The cover is made of very high quality genuine leather with nice stitching and the edges are nice too.  It has a hole for the camera so using the camera is easy while using the ZooGue "Genius" Case.  I personally like the overall physical appearance.  The case can be viewed at any angle which is a major plus.  Many nice cases I have bought have had poor viewing angles.  Unless you’re comfortable using the case it's useless.  ZooGue not only made the case viewable at any angle, they did it securely.  It has two Velcro strips on each side that hold the case in place while it’s being used.  Even if the case slides off the pillow or your lap it’s going to hold its position.  I really like not having to fix the case each time I move in bed and it slides off my lap.  This has been a problem that apparently others thought needed addressed and ZooGue listened.  By placing the Velcro on each side of the case this problem has been eliminated. 

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  • Leather Folio Style
  • Velcro Fastened Position
  • Able to attach to car headrest
  • Hand Strap/Secures Case Closed
  • Elegant look
  • sleep & wake function
  • Donate to Children Organization
  • Affordable
  • Buttons/Ports Accessible



  • Slightly heavy
  • Velcro picks up debris (pet hair nightmare)


I guess you can see by reading the pros out way the cons by far.  I am a true fan of ZooGue.  I really think they have an awesome case.  It is available in black, gray, and pink.  They have a great earphone wrap/stylus holder ($4.99) that attaches also.  The case is priced very reasonable at $49.99.  Get yours today at www.zoogue.com.  Feel free to leave a comment about what you like or didn't like about ZooGue. 




Mitch Stevens




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