Writer Bluetooth Case by Adonit: Review

Adonit has developed a new Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad called, Writer.  They offer a model of Writer for both versions of the iPad.  The Writer Bluetooth case is quite different from most others I have used in the past.  It not only looks a bit different but feels differently as well.   I think what makes it look a bit different is the fact the iPad simply snaps into the Bluetooth case along a bracket type hinge.  It doesn't have its own back persay.  The Writer has several on board keys such as play, rewind, fast forward, and more.  These keys are very useful for watching movies or playing music while you work.  For the most part the keys are positioned where you would expect them to be located.  However, I did find the keys to feel very nice with lots of springiness after pressing them.  They feel very much like those of the MacBook Pro.


  The Writer keyboard was a bit small for my hand size.  I think this will be one negative feature the case will receive overall.  Due to the fact, the keyboard is cramped.  Adonit has created a unique design and would be a nice case for many types of typing occasions.  The case was easy to set up and connect to the iPad without any problems.  The Writer also has magnets inside it for waking/closing the case.  I did like the idea of the led light around the top of the battery lid.  It displayed different colors based on the level of battery power.  I also thought rechargeable batteries would have been a nice inclusion.  Although, the consumer could purchase rechargeable batteries if they preferred them after they purchased the Bluetooth keyboard.  The Writer case offers several different viewing angles which will also make typing more comfortable.

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  Overall, I think this is a very nice Bluetooth keyboard. It has many nice features.  The only negative thing about the Writer is the size of the keyboard.  I do think it has a place on the market.  However, it does have some pretty tough contenders.  Such as, the Zagg folio Bluetooth case.  Read the complete Zagg review here.  The Writer can be purchased at http://adonit.net/ for $100.


Mitch Stevens



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