Who Says You Can't Get Something For Nothing? EA Mobile Freebies!

We all like to pass time by playing games on our iPad.  Well its no secret that EA, Inc. is no stranger to the "game."  They have 

several top games on the PC and now are top ranked on idevice games.  They have several awesomes titles but I will only  name a few I like very well for the idevices.  Such titles as Madden 12, Shift 2 Unleashed, NBA Jam, Coconut Dodge, and EA High Caliber Hunting.  As you can see by the titles I tend to play more of the sports related games and outdoors type.  They have several other games for the ipad and iPhone that are great.  I have never played them so I can't speak with any knowledge about them.

  Today in the Apple Apps store you can get the EA High Caliber Hunting game free.  It normally is a paid app. This game is nothing short of awesome.  The graphics are as good as I have played.  It has several different types of hunting such as deer and other animals.  You can also play other players.  It has different locations by map for hunting too.  The options with this game are endless.  I have played it a couple hours and love it.  If you are a fan of the Cabela's PC games this is better.  I think its much more interactive with better graphics.  So grab it today, September 29, 2011 free. Click here to get it free.

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  If you are more of a race fan, EA has a game for you.  I really like Need for Speed.  If you want to try it before you buy it they have a lite version.   This is the best racing game I have played on any console or devices of any type.  These guys have got the game world by the balls.  They are gonna be top dawg for some time with such great games like they develop.  The Need for Speed Shift  is simply awesome.  The part I like best about playing NFS is the accelerometer allows you to drive the ipad as if it was the steering wheel inside the car.  I also connect my ipad 2 to the big screen and play attached to the tv. This makes it even more realistic.  If you haven't tried playing like this check it out.  If you would like to try the lite NFS in the app store click here

  Now I can't do a review of the best EA games and not talk about Madden 12.  What can I say but sheer Genius work.  Let me warn you this is not a game for a football novice.  You must have an understanding of how the game is played  or you will be lost, completely.  This is not a child's game but some of the readers' wives may beg to differ. LOL The graphics in Madden 12 are awesome as well.  You can trade players in the draft, play in tournaments, play against others.  The options are like all the other EA games, endless.  Read about sny of the titles and up coming games at www.ea.com.

  EA Games are here to stay.  They are dominating the game marketing network.  If you want to try some awesomeness on the ipad.  Check out any of the titles I've mentioned here.  Matter of fact if EA GAMES MAKE it I'll go out on a limb to say, Buy it, you'll love it.  They also have a hockey game I'll be checking out soon.  So come back for that review.  If you have a game review request feel free to leave it in the comments below.  I will post it asap.



Mitch Stevens


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