The Votes Have Been Tallied: Apple's Rewind List 2011

The Following Apps were voted Apps of the Year 2011 in the Apple Rewind List.  This is a list Apple puts together this time each year.

The iPad App of the Year for 2011 is Snapseed.  This is a great photo editing application.   The iPhone App of the year was a photography app as well called Instagram.  It allows users to share photos with others also.  The users may then vote and comment on each users photos.  Both apps come from the photography category section. 

Instagramhas an astonishing 20 million users, while Snapseed  closes the distance with two million.

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This says a great deal about how idevice owners are using their devices.  It’s not just the games as much anymore.  I think the eight mega pixel camera has won many users to start taking more photos with the iphone instead of their digital camera and using iOS apps to edit their photos.

-- iPad app of the year runner-ups: Tiny Wings, a 99-cent jumping game; and Touchgrind BMX, a $4.99 action game.

-- iPhone app of the year runner-ups: VidRhythm, a $1.99 app to create mashup music videos; and Band of the Day, a free guide to new music.

-- iPad game of the year: Dead Space, a $4.99 fight for survival in space. Runner-ups: Contre Jour HD, a $2.99 physics puzzler; and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, a $4.99 game with music and Twitter integration.

-- iPhone game of the year: Tiny Tower, a free tower-building game; Tiny Wings, a 99-cent jumping game featuring a bird and Touchgrind BMX, a $4.99 action game.






Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps (2011)

Angry Birds

Fruit Ninja

Angry Birds Seasons

Cut the Rope

Tiny Wings

Angry Birds Rio

Words With Friends


Doodle Jump

Plants Vs. Zombies

Top 10 Free iPhone Apps (2011)


Pandora Radio

Words With Friends Free

   Angry Birds Free



Angry Birds Rio Free


Fruit Ninja Lite


Top 10 Grossing iPhone Apps (2011)


Tap Zoo

Angry Birds

Zombie Farm

Tap Pet Hotel

Poker by Zynga

Smurfs’ Village

Texas Poker

Haypi kingdom

Infinity Blade

Motion X GPS Drive

Top 10 Paid iPad Apps (2011)

Angry Birds HD ($4.99)

Pages ($9.99)

Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99)

GarageBand ($4.99)

Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99)

Penultimate ($0.99)

Fruit Ninja HD ($2.99)

Cut the Rope HD ($1.99)

SCRABBLE for iPad ($4.99)

Keynote ($9.99)

Top 10 Free iPad Apps (2011)

Angry Birds HD Free

The Weather Channel for iPad


CNN App for iPad

Angry Birds Rio HD Free


Skype for iPad

Calculator for iPad Free

Pandora Radio

Calculator Pro for iPad Free

Top 10 Grossing iPad Apps (2011)

Angry Birds HD ($4.99)

Smurfs’ Village

The Daily

Tap Zoo

Infinity Blade ($5.99)


Angry Birds Rio HD ($2.99)

New York Post ($1.99)

Tap Pet Hotel

Angry Birds Seasons HD ($1.99)


Overall, I think the list is spread out fairly.  I was definitely expecting Angry Birds to be in the running.  It’s just hard to believe it wasn’t voted app of the year in one category at least.  It’s really nice to see more people using the photography and note taking apps and not just the games. Feel free to leave a comment.  Which app would you like to have seen won App of the Year 2011?



Mitch Stevens



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