Uniqueness without Bulkiness: DomeSkin Review

DomeSkin is an awesome way to add personality to the iPad or iPhone. Many users insist on keeping the iPad thin, the way it was designed. Most cases that provide adequate protection from dropping or such add bulk to the device. DomeSkin allows the user to protect their device from scratches and bumps without adding any bulk at all. Each DomeSkin is simply a heavy-duty 3M film that covers the outer edges of the face and the entire back of the iDevice and offers full access to all the ports and buttons. The DomeSkin is different because it’s a textured film that looks three-dimensional and raised.  This is an awesome way to add personality and uniqueness to your device.



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  • Comes off Clean
  • Variety of Unique Designs
  • Reusable
  • Slim Profile
  • Does Not Add Any Bulk
  • Scratch Proof


The DomeSkin can be purchased at www.domeskin.com.  The iPad skins are $30 and iPhone skins are $20. They offer many different varieties of artistic designs. They also offer the user the ability to reuse the skin.  If you wish to reuse, carefully remove the skin from the device. Reapply the domeskin to the wax paper it came on originally.

The DomeSkin is made of an extremely strong 3M scratch-proof film. They do not leave any residue behind when removed from the device. They are available for almost all Apple devices and Blackberry smartphones.  Check the list on their website to see if your device is available.  If you are looking for a way to protect your device from scratches, DomeSkin is a great way to do it.



Mitch Stevens


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