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 A few months ago when  I started using the iPad.   I had the thought, I should be using a stylus rather than my oily fingers. That's when I began my research to find the best and most responsive stylus on the market.  After all, why wouldn't you want the best and most responsive stylus you could find for a device which cost so much?   We've all used our fingers, and with all honesty, it's not the most accurate instrument for the task.   Not only does the finger lack accuracy, it's very messy and leaves oil on the screen.  Each time you touch the screen with your finger, you're leaving fingerprints and skin oil on the screen of this device you love so dear.  Ever wonder why the more you wipe the screen, the worse it looks?  I have the answe, it's oil from your own skin.  It's on all our hands, but more so on the tip of our fingers.  Each time you tap the screen with a finger,  you leave prints.  I can assure you, this is one of the hardest substance to remove from any surface not just the iPad screen.


     If you've ever tilted the screen to see the reflection as you wipe, you'll see finger smears all over the shinny surface.  It's like an invisible film that covers the screen.  When I first started using a stylus, I had no idea the tips were different. The reason I had no idea, was because I'd  bought and tried all of the rubber and foam tipped stylus.  Needless to say they require a lot of pressure and usually fall apart within a month.


    The stylus you purchase from Stylus-R-Us are much different.  They will amaze you as how much difference there is between a stylus that works and one you are using.  I didn't have any idea how unresponsive  many stylus were, until I tried the stylus from Stylus-R-Us. In all honesty, their stylus are the best stylus I have ever used. I can remember when I received my first one.  It was the cadilac of all stylus.  The pounding and  beating was over.    I have since purchased several others.  These will change the way you use and think of stylus in general. They're simply the best there has ever been.  They are the most responsive stylus on the market, perfect for note-taking and drawing, or anything else one has to do on any touch screen device. In other words, the pounding is over.  Who wants to have to beat their screen, with an unresponsive stylus, with every attempt open an application on the screen.


Stylus-R-Us is the answer, to the last stylus you will ever need.  Their stylus only require you touch the screen, like a FEATHER.  I mean that, literally.  You will no longer have to touch the same icon, three times to get it to open.


  If you're an artist that uses the iPad to draw, a Stylus-R-Us stylus is the answer to all your needs. If you're using it for note-taking, Stylus-R-Us is your answer. If you have never used these stylus from Stylus-R-Us ,  your jaw will drop the first time you touch the screen.  You won't believe how unresponsive the stylus you've been using have been all along. I cannot stress enough how awesome these stylus really are.   My iPad and iPhone reacts completely diffeent with these stylus.  I still have a difficult time believing anything can work better than the finger.   If you're tired of pounding on your touch screen device screen, try Stylus-R-Us for the most responsive stylus on the market.  They have many different styles and models to choose from, as well as top quality customer service.  And best of all, they have over a dozen telescoping stylus that rock and roll on the larger screen devices. These are great instruments for anyone who may have problems using a pen or pencil, long finger nails or fat fingers.  You could purchase a stylus from Stylus-R-Us and be able to communicate with ease, and if you're not happy, you have 30 days for a full refund. Check out the stylus company that put all others to shame


Mitch Stevens 


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