Top Ten Favorite iPhone Games

Top Ten Game Apps for the Iphone 4


angry birds picAngry Birds- I have included the free version of angry bird because I think it is one of the best games played on the iPhone. It's a very addictive game so I would recommend  giving it a try on the iPhone. You will enjoy not only the free version but I think you will want to purchase the paid version as well.


Bejeweled 2 and Blitz- This is an almost addictive game too. You have to get three colors in a certain order and beat the clock to score. Your score can be updated with facebook and keeps your high score against all your friends who play Blitz. Play not only for fun but bragging rights even more.  Great game app for all ages.


Guitar Hero- this is as close as it comes to the actual game on wii or playstation. It does have limited songs but I think they will update these as time goes by. This is one of my favorites games today.   As you go through the Game and progress you unlock different things such as other songs, clothing, instruments, and much more.  Check it out


Trophy Hunt- By Cabelas, simulates a real life hunt. Graphics are realistic and the game is interactive as well. Nice game for the outdoorsman especially. You can change your weapon from a rifle, pistol, or compound bow. The graphics on this game are extraordinary you can hunt several different animals such as deer, antelope, or Moose. It has a map of different states for hunting. Its as realistic as you can play on the IOS as I've ever same. It's an awesome game . It is a bit pricey but  entertaining.


Global War-  this game is a war simulation using different military weapons to battle. The graphics are awesome as well as sound effects. I would probably give this campaign an 8/10 for being one of my favorite games to play personally.

Solitaire-what iPhone would be complete without one of the most popular card games ever made. If you enjoy solitaire you probably would enjoy this as much as playing with a real deck of cards. It's an awesome solitaire game check it out

Texas poker-this is another one of my favorite card games. It is a round table display that gives the person playing the feeling they are sitting at a table playing cards among friends. And the Rolls for playing the game are just as they are with Texas poker played anywhere.

Words with  friends- this game is much like scrabble. If you enjoy playing Scrabble you will really like playing this game. The free version is just as good as the paid version the only difference is the free version has a few advertisements displayed as you play the game but this is not distracting by any meansl.

Squirmy-this campaign is by TAPSY. This game is played much like the game snake. The graphics are very good too.

Farmville- if you enjoy farming on the PC you will truly enjoy playing this game on your iPhone. It is for the most part just like the game as you play it on the PC. Just consider it Farmville in your phone.

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