Top Favorite Fun Cydia Tweaks Summer 2011

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Top Favorite Fun Cydia Tweaks Summer 2011

I have composed a list of ten of my favorite fun Cydia tweaks.  Theses applications are just fun to play around with and modify your device differently simply by moving a slider or turning a feature on inside the settings menu.  These are my favorites I enjoy using on my own personal iphone.  Hope you enjoy.

1.        FakeClockUp – Free in Cydia.  It opens applications faster or slower based on a scale in the app.

2.       DeepEnd- Free App Gives the springboard a 3 dimensional feel.  It makes the icons appear to stand out or move in front of the wallpaper.

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3.       Graviboard - $2.99 Icons move around on the screen based on the settings.  It can be set to move in the direction the phone is tilting off of the accelerometer.

4.        BigifY - $2 Icons can be set to different sizes or rotated left and right.

5.       Move2Unlock - $1 customizes the lockscreen with the settings.  It can be set to slide open, turn like a page of a book, and more.

6.       Barrel - $2.99 Icon and springboard customization.  Can set the icons to do many different things.  Such as curl and roll or cube inside or outside and much more.

7.       Free Sync - $1 allows the idevice to be used while syncing with itunes.

8.       Springtomize- $2.99 this is the most tweaks and customizations inone application ever developed.  This can be set to resize your icons, hide page dots, disable spotlight, disable paging, and list keeps growing.  This application has more tweaks and customizations than any other application in Cydia.

9.       Cydelete – Free,  puts a little x on the app when in jiggle mode to allow the user to delete the app directly from the springboard.

10.   Android Loader - $2.99 puts a tab in the center of the bottom of the screen.  When you select the tab a list of all the applications on the idevice comes up that you can scroll through until you find the application you are needing.  The only problem I see with this app is theres no set way to order the applications inside the app.  They just seem to be wherever with no real way of organizing them.  This is needing updated and this will be one of my top favorites.


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Feel free to comment on any application you like that wasn’t included in my list.  Thanks you reading.  Please subscribe to the magazine for all the best up to date information on your idevice.

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