Too Many Remotes??? VooMote Offers The Answer...

I am a fan of all types of technology.  Each product seems to include their own, individual remote.  These are getting almost impossible to keep in reach.  I am always dropping them in the floor, behind the couch, or under the furniture.  I think many others can agree with me.  Well the guys from  VooMote feel the same way.  They have used their power sized technology engrossed brains to come up with a solution.  If you are an iPhone owner, or maybe, one of the four million plus, iPhone 4s owner's you may want to check VooMote out.  They use the iphone for the solution and a way to combine all remotes into one.  They call it the VooMote One. They have just been released and started selling. 


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VooMote One Features:
Slim and sleek device transforms your iPhone/iPod touch into a universal remote control for every room of your home

  • VooMote One eliminates the need for several different remote controls, allowing you to have full control of multiple household electronics
  • One View feature allows you to view all important controls on one touch screen even if controls belong to multiple devices
  • Room Control feature groups all of your electronic devices by location: living room, kitchen, etc.
  • Extremely simple set up: download free app, no PC necessary, use for thousands of electronic devices
  • Open Casting design allows access to all iPhone/iPod Touch core functions
  • Consolidate household control of TVs, DVD players, and more with one remote

Available at: Voomote –, HSN, TigerDirect, and Brandsmart/ App – iTunes Store 
Voomote - $99/App – Free 



Mitch Stevens

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