TeemMeet iPad Case: Review


The TeemMeet S.MA.R.T iPad 2 case is made in Switzerland.  It's made from high quality Italian leather. The iPad 2 S.MA.R.T case model has three primary positions for viewing and use. They are the standard position which you simply open the front flap and use the device. The typing position allows the user to comfortably type from a sitting position.  The third position is the viewing position, allows the user to position the iPad for watching a movie. The smart case is made of very high quality Italian leather.

The S.M.A.R.T case has the magnetic on and off switch. The front flap easily folds into a triangular position for use. The case provides access to all the ports, camera, volume controls, and charging ports.  The case has a velvet covering on the back for protecting the iPad from getting scratched.

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TeemMeet has given this case a lot of thought and energy. The iPad has a very elegant and sleek look while inside the case. The case doesn't add any noticeable weight or bulk to the iPad. It offers protection along with the viewing positions. Overall, I think this is a very nice case for the ipad 2.  In order to purchase a Teemmeet iPad 2 case visit http://www.teemmeet.com. They have many other selections for the ipad and other tablets also. Feel free to leave any comments below


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Mitch Stevens



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