Stand While You Surf Net/Work.... Kangaroo Junior Review

  Many professionals will agree sitting in a stationary position all day can be hard on your body.  Many medical problems can stem from sitting in a static position all day.  A simple solution to this problem is body movement, which is the way Mother Nature intended.  The Kangaroo is a great way to take the first step in the right direction.  It could prevent costly medical expenses and could even eliminate neck and back pain completely.  The Kangaroo can be easily adjusted vertically to find the perfect comfort zone for anyone.  It also offers extensions to add space to each side of the platform separately.  One person may easily raise or lower the Kangaroo by themselves.  The Kangaroo doesn’t require any tools for installation or usability.


  The Kangaroo Junior offers a great solution for small offices or dormitories.  Most students need to strategically use their space as sufficiently as possible.  The Kangaroo offers a place to mount the computer monitor on top.  This may also be used to statically position an iPad.  The Kangaroo comes in several different models such as the Junior, Pro, Elite, and many more. The basic difference between models is physical size of the platforms.  Which Kangaroo model do you need? This will depend personal preference of size and the features you want or need. 

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  The Model reviewed here was the Junior.  It’s one of the smaller sizes but still offered great functionality. It’s great being able to position your body differently throughout the day at any time.  It makes the day much more enjoyable.

Kangaroo Junior Features:

·      Work surface and monitor adjust separately giving you Dual Ergonomics

·      The Kangaroo JR is smaller than The Kangaroo

·      Main work surface measures 24" wide by 18" deep

·      Main work surface is adjustable 15" above your desk

·      Holds either a Laptop or a Monitor on the 12" x 9" shelf

·      Laptop / Monitor Shelf has a separate adjustment of 6.5"

·      Recommended for Laptops or Monitor up to 12 lbs

·      Optional Detachable Side Work Surfaces are available

·      Optional Keyboard Extension is available

·      Ships Completely Assembled

·      Save 50% on an Ergo Mat when purchased with The Kangaroo JR


The Kangaroo can help us stay healthy and minimize office space simultaneously.  The Kangaroo Junior can be purchased at www.ergodesktop.comfor $349.  If you are not satisfied simply return it for a full money back guarantee the first thirty days.  Feel free to leave any comments below.



Mitch Stevens

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