Stabile Pro Coil iPad Stand: Review

The Stabile Pro Coil is a long, snakelike, flexible coil stand for the iPad.  The Stabile Pro Coil can be manipulated into any shape imaginable.  It’s great for the home, office, and even the automobile.  My favorite place to use the Stabile Pro Coil is the automobile. The Stabile Pro Coil makes viewing directions much easier on the iPad screen.  It’s extremely strong and flexible for holding the iPad into position.  The Stabile Pro Coil has a little brother called the NaJa King.  The Naja King can be used with the iPhone or iPod.  One of the best features of all the Stabile stands is their ability to be used with or without a case.  I have seen many great stands, which could only be used without a case.  Most users prefer protecting their idevice investment with a case.


I have been using the Stabile Pro for about 6 months now.  It is my favorite stand for using the iPad in the office.  The best part of the Stabile stand is the swivel head.  It offers very strong, smooth, fluid positioning ability for the ipad.  The Stable Pro Coil can also be used with the Grapple Pro for holding the iPad in portrait or landscape position.  This accessory can also be used with or without a case also.

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  • 3/4" steel ball pivoting holder
    • User adjustable thread for a fluid, loose or tight motion
    • 80º motion left to right, forward and back
  • 54" flexible coil to twist to any shape, (limited to a minimum 5" bend radius)
    • 5/8" diameter, black vinyl wrapped
  • Solid and flexible steel construction, 3.125 Pounds
  • Finish Black - Low texture on the holder
  • 4 holding pad locations (Vinyl)*
  • iPad 2, iPad Original and more




The Stabile Pro Coil is made in USA and weighs just over 3 pounds. It’s a very strong and flexible stand. The Stabile Pro Coil can be purchased at for $99.99. The Grapple Pro, which holds the iPad into portrait or landscape position, can be purchased for $14.99.  The Naja King, the smaller version for the iphone ands ipod, can be purchased for $34.99.  They offer Free Shipping for orders over $59.98 in the US.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below. 




Mitch Stevens




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