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Many users who buy the ipad today purchase it not just for fun but use productively.   It can be used for an infinite number of tasks.  Just to name a few the iPad 2 is a work horse of a word processor and much more.  It also offers applications to record audio and video.  This is a great way to capture many memories or create your own soundtracks.  Like I said before the list is never ending.  The iPad 2 grouped with the appropriate app and hardware can produce professional sounding audio tracks for things like podcasts.  The video recordings aren't  all that great with only a 2 meg camera one could only expect that to be the case. 

  Another great thing about recording with the ipad is being able to plug in other microphones with a camera USB adapter.  The Snowball mic by Blue Microphone is a great way to capture better audio quality with the ipad 2.  Its a simple plug n play operation.  It automatically recognizes the microphone making it so simple a child can use it.  It does require the extra adapter I mentioned earlier, the camera adapter.  The adapter will cost around $29.99 on most sites.  The Snowball microphone will range from $79-$99 depending on where you purchase it.  If you check Amazon you may even find it as low as $60.  The Snowball mic offers great audio quality while using it with the iPad 2.  I have used the Snowball mic on both my PC and my iPad 2.  I can honestly say the sound quality on the ipad 2 was just as good if not better than the computer.  I think one reason the sound quality was better on the ipad was software.  I don't have any additional software to capture audio on my computer.  While using it on the ipad 2 I have more adjustments for the audio through the different apps available.  I mostly played around with it inside garageband.  It was very simple to set up and did a great job capturing both the vocals and a guitar during the recordings.



  • Simple to set up
  • Plug n Play'
  • Affordable
  • Nice mic stand design
  • Has three different settings
  • Omni-directional Recording Ability
  • Able to use with any VOIP
  • Podcasting




  • Doesn't record in stereo


Overall, this is a great microphone.  I do recommend it for anyone wanting to record higher quality audio.  Its very simple to use and affordable as well.  Don't waste your money on those other mics.  You will end up exchanging it or purchasing a Blue Mic at a later date after you are unsatisfied.  This mic offers a great warranty and the customer service is amazing.  This microphone is as close to capturing real audio as I have heard.  I'm sure there are other mics for more money that record as good of audio quality.  Get a Blue mic at www.bluemic.comtoday.  Let me know in the comments what you think of the Blue mic quality.



Mitch Stevens

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