Skype for iPad


Skype for iPad

skype logoSkype for iPad Skype has finally joined the iPad world.  I can't believe how most of the major companies are taking so long to release an actual iPad version of their application. The number of consumers buying iPads and other tablets has grown astronomically in the past few months. You would think these large companies would forsee some of this and be better prepared. Skype is a great tool for communicating over wifi and 3G connections. It's mostly free to the user and relatively inexpensive to use. Especially, if you want to use video calls. I imagine this will be how many people communicate overseas and long distances for sometime. Rumors are floating  that not even a full day in iTunes and Skype has taken down the application and put it back up again.  It is available now in the app store and ready for download. With all the rumors and problems going around if you haven't downloaded and want it.  It might be a good idea to get it while you can.  They may pull it again at any time. I have read several rumors of why this happened but nothing official at this time.  I am just baffled by the way many large companies are dropping the ball these days.  Seems like when it comes to the app store you need to be a governor or first lady to get an app in the itunes store.  Besides that is these million dollar companies not being able to keep an app on the market for a full day.  Based on what I see from using the ipad application, its just a full size version of the iphone application.  No big differences that I see.  It can be used to call, video call, chat or text someone.  The great thing about skype is if you talk with someone else on skype its FREE.  That is correct.  Skype to Skype calls or text are free. This would be a great alternative to FaceTime.  Especially with Skype's ability to work over 3G network.  I will be checking it out.  Let me know wha t you think about Skype in the comments.Happy Skyping

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Mitch Stevens

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