The Urban SetGo bag is great for carrying many different kinds of items at one time. The feature, which makes the SetGo bag so unique, is its ability to carry so many different types of items. It has compartments and Velcro straps for items of different sizes such as cameras, cell phones, money, or a magazine. The SetGo makes carrying a multitude of items very comfortable. It also offers much-needed security for the items, which you are carrying. We all know the price of a new iPhone today is around $600. By carrying the iPhone inside the SetGo bag the user can be assured of its security. It not only prevents vicarious activity but prevents the phone from being dropped or sliding out of the bag.

  The SetGo bag carries over your shoulder and neck very comfortably. By carrying the SetGo bag in this manner you can carry an additional backpack with no problems. The bag can be purchased at for around $80. I use this bag almost every day when I'm going out. If you're looking for a bag to safely carry all your gadgets, this is a great choice.  
Mitch stevens
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