Scout iPad Shoulder Bag: Review

The STM Scout shoulder bag can be used for carrying an ipad or netbook up to 11 inches.  This would be a great gift idea for anyone. The Scout has a removable shoulder strap and hand strap as well for carrying.  It has three different compartments for 

stowing different size items. The main compartment for carrying the iPad or netbook is the largest compartments of the three. It has two smaller compartments on the front for carrying things like phone, keys, and smaller items. The main compartment for carrying the iPad is well padded for protecting the iPad should it get bumped or dropped. The small pocket on the front side of the iPad can be used for smaller things such as your phone or an iPod. It has a two back compartments also.  The large back compartment could be used for carrying paper documents you may need to reach on a moment’s notice. The other is zippered shut for smaller elusive items.

The shoulder strap on the STM is removable with a padded section which makes carrying the bag much more pleasurable. This is definitely a bag for the commuter and business person as well. It can be used for casual everyday use too. The main compartment on the Scout velcros shut to prevent the iPad from sliding out. This was one of my favorite features of the Scout. They have really put a lot of thought into the protection of the device inside the bag.

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The Scout retails for around $50 and can be purchased online at They have many different designer laptop casesor bags of all types for all devices and ipad cases. They also have many gifts under $50for Christmas ideas.  The Scout is a nice bag that could be carried with a larger bag for traveling.  It is one of my favorite ways to carry my ipad anywhere I go.  Feel free to leave comments below.



Mitch Stevens

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