Review: Zaggfolio Keyboard iPad 2 Case


The Zagg Folio Case is one awesome dude.  I was recently given the opportunity to acquire this AWESOME dude.  It is truly an amazing case.  If you are looking for a bluetooth case to use with your ipad this case will definitely do the job with style.  I have used several bluetooth cases with my ipad 2.  Therefore, I am quite knowledgeable or should I say invested in this type of case.  They are a bit more expensive than just an average case used for protection.  The Zagg Folio comes with its own removable keyboard.  This keyboard is a close twin to the black macbook.  I truly enjoy using this case to type longer emails or anything that needs more typing than say, a text message.  Matter of fact I am using it at this very moment to type this article. 

  The Zagg Folio also has special function keys on the keyboard.  This allows you more control as you type your documents.  Some of the keys are home, search, cut, copy, paste, and several ipod controls to control your music as you type.  The Zagg guys have really thought about building this case.  The only minor problem I have seen with the keyboard is the caps key is close to the other keys.  I have accidentally turned the caps key on several times.  I think with more typing and getting use to the keyboard that will subside. 

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  Another great feature of the keyboard is the duration of the battery.  The keyboard gives several weeks of normal use before needing charged.  It goes into sleep mode if not used for an extended period of time.  This helps save battery life.  It also comes with a usb cable charger.  When the battery gets below 20% the status light will flash letting you know you have a couple days power left before going completely dead.  Pairing the keyboard with the ipad wasn't a problem at all.  You simply type a code and it pairs the keyboard from that point forward. After pairing the ipad and keyboard once it will connect automatically itself.

  The ipad and keyboard both are easily removed from the folio case.  The ipad simply snaps in on the corners.  The keyboard slides in and out on a groove made in the case.  Positioning the ipad is easy to do.  The downside to using the ipad in portrait mode is it must be removed from the folio case.  That is one of the only very few negative things I have found so far about using the Zagg Folio case.  Using the case in landscape mode is no problem.  It can be done while the case is attached to the Zagg Folio case. 

  The Zagg Folio case has a great snap for closing the case providing extra security.  It also has the magnetic on/off feature when closing the case.  The magnet puts the case to sleep saving battery power. 



  • thin, no bulk
  • reasonable price
  • special keys on keyboard
  • keyboard very user friendly
  • long battery life for keyboard
  • snaps closed nice
  • ipod controls on keyboard
  • simple bluetooth connection





  • caps lock key close to others
  • have to remove case to use in portrait position




Overall,  the Zagg Folio case is one of the finest cases I have used since I purchased my ipad 2.  It provides protection and functionality simultaneously.  If I was ratinmg this on the 1-10 scale I would rate it a 9.  The only reason I wouldn’t give it a 10 is the caps key is close to the other keys.  The other negative thing I have found is it has to be removed from the case to view in portrait position.  Besides those two minor things.  I would recommend this case to my mother.  I don’t think they make a better case for this purpose.  If you would like to order the Zagg Folio Case visit




Mitch Stevens



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