Review: Piel Frama iPad/iPhone Case

Are you looking for an elegant iPad case?  A case that will make your friends envious.  I have just the case for the job.  A case of elegance and style is made by Piel Frama, not only iPad cases but a number of Smartphone cases and many other pda cases.  Piel Frama is located in Spain and makes all their cases by hand.  Each cases pattern is hand cut and then stitched by hand to form a case with great elegance and beauty.  These are awesome looking cases to say the least.  Piel Frama makes beautiful cases to say the least but they are made to last a lifetime as well.  They are made of quality cow hide and are spectacular cases for all occasions and any smartphone or pda. 

  Nowadays, Piel Frama is seen as a very prestigious company by the entire PDAs and phones industries, offering the finest quality products that exist in the market today.  They take a personal interest in making sure each order is filled correctly and every customer is satisfied.  Piel Frama are the Mercedes of the iPad cases.  They are a bit higher priced.  The iPad case is $189 and the iPhone cases are approx. $129.  How many have heard the saying,”you get what you pay for.”  This is definitely one of those cases.   

  Piel Frama is very eco-friendly.  They take an interest in making sure that all the glues and leathers they use are biodegradable and all materials used to make their cases is not harmful to ecosystems.  I know that seems very scientific to read in a review for an iPad case but I always am interested in knowing the products I use aren’t destroying the environment.  So I give Piel Frama an A+ for being environmentally friendly.

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  Piel Frama quality starts with the box.  The box is made of higher quality than some cases I have tried in the past.  When you open the box your case will be wrapped in paper to protect it inside the box.  Just opening the case and holding it the first time any person can see this is made of high quality.  One can see by the seams and the way the case is put together these guys are prestige company and case makers.  This is not a case I would purchase to take my idevice camping.  However, if you are looking for a case to make a first impression at a business meeting or carry your iPad to work every day this is definitely a case to consider.


  • Awesome Quality out of the box
  • Built by Hand
  • Made to last a lifetime
  • Elegant design
  • Eco-friendly



  • Price
  • Snap/strap for closing


Overall, I thought this was a real classy case.  I can only say on the negative side is price.  But if you want the best expect to pay more.  To purchase your Piel Frama case today visit  please leave your comments below. 



Mitch Stevens




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