Review: P2 iPad Stand by Elago Design


  If you are a person that doesn’t like a lot of bulky folio cases I have the ipad 2 stand for you.  On the other hand, if you like your ipad protected with a folio type case.  This case can be used in conjunction with other types of cases to protect your ipad also.  I really enjoy using the Elago P2 ipad stand.  It’s simple to use and keeps your ipad position so you can view it with ease.  It cuts the amount of space needed on your desk to lay your ipad.    The stand platform is approx. the size of the palm of your hand.  Rather than clearing a space the size of your ipad to lay it on your desk.  You only need a space size of the palm of your hand to use this stand.  I keep my stand close at all times.  I am currently using several different types of cases with my ipad 2.  I haven’ found any ipad cases so far that doesn’t work with the P2 stand.  I have used the P2 stand with my iphone and other tablets too.  This is a case of many purposes.  I believe any person or office will find this stand useful.


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  • Easy Use
  • Affordable at $29.99
  • Works with most ipad cases
  • Cable hole to keep cable out of the way
  • Very Strong made of aluminum
  • Don’t have to remove ipad from case
  • Light
  • Great viewing position
  • Helps organize desk
  • Use with other tablets



  • No Stylus Holder
  • Can be tipped over easily
  • iPad doesn’t lock into place


I am a true fan of the Elago P2 stand.  This will always be a stand you find on my desk.  It helps organize your desk and positions the ipad so it can be viewed with ease.  If you think you would like to purchase your own visit .  You will be very happy you did.  It helps organize any desk and keeps the ipad positioned to view much easier.  Let me know how you like your stand in the comments below.


Mitch Stevens

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