Review: MountMe Freedom II iPad 2 Case

Many iPad users want a case for all occasions.  The Freedom by MountMe can offer that to the user.  It can be used attached to the wall, on the back of a car headrest, wall, desktop, and many things in between.  It comes with a set of suction cxups included.  These suction cups will allow the iPad to be secured to anything with a smooth surface.  These are great for the kitchen especially the fridge.  Most users would like to watch the news while they prepare supper.  Maybe you need a recipe off the internet while you cook.  the possibilities re endless and so are the uses for the Freedom iPad case.  Its also a very protective case for the kids to use while playing around with the ipad. 

  The Freedom has several great features as I mentioned previously.  The  thing that makes this case different than all the others is versatility.  It can be used in most any situation you would ever need the iPad.  It also can be used as a way to secure the iPad to the wall for viewing a movie.  So many companies do a great job covering one user function.  But MountMe has covered most all a user could ever encounter. 

  I think the Freedom case is definitively one of the best of its type.  Its very affordable and can be used in any situation.  It offers great protection for the ipad.  It comes with a  strap that can be used for holding the ipad or strapping the ipad to your leg for added security.  The cost is very affordable at $49.99.  It can be purchased at  It comes in a model for both ipad and ipad 2.  They also have other tablet models.

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  • Affordable
  • User Friendly
  • Protection
  • Suction Cups attaches to any smooth surface
  • Attaches to car headrest



  • A bit trick to assemble and figure out

Overall, I really like the case and all its versatility.  The question most people ask after using a product.  Would you recommend this to a friend?  Definitely, I think this is a great case.  Especially for families with children.  It offers great protection and usability.  Feel free to leave a comment.



Mitch Stevens

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