Review: Maroo iPad Case


The iPad 2 has been a big hit to say the least.  I think after acquiring the iPad the next thing on your mind is protection.  I think we all want to protect our $500+ investment.  Matter of fact, I want the most protection possible while offering faction to go along with it.  To me, protection is very important but I want my case to be nice as well.  I want go as far to say it must be fashionable but I think I've made my point.  As customers, we want the most protection, while looking good at the least possible price.

  I recently acquired the MarooiPad 2 case.  This case has a lot to offer in both areas we have been discussing.  The inside is covered in velvet suede giving a very soft feel.  It also has a bumper system called the SG bumper technology on all four corners.  These bumpers will absorb most of the shock of a fall or bump in the road.  They also securely hold the iPad inside the case itself. 

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  The design of the case is very pleas a nt.  They have many different patterns made of a nylon substance.  I personally like the case made of leather best.  They offer a plethora of different designs.  To view these cases visit  They start around $40 and go up depending on which style and what they are made from leather or nylon.  If you want leather black, red, and tan is what you have to make your selection from.  The Maroo case has many nice features.



  • Design
  • Protection
  • Reasonable Price
  • Magnetic on/off
  • Leather selection
  • Typing Angle for Virtual typing




  • Prefer flap to elastic
  • More viewing angles



These are nice cases.  If you are looking for a fashionable and functional case has got you "covered".  They have a LARGE selection of designs or leather.  They offer a year warranty against defects.




Mitch Stevens

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