Review: iWow SRS Lab


  Iwow 3D SRS Lab is an awesome way to turn a not so good pair of headphones into a great sounding set of headphones.  If you have a great set of headphones it’s like being live in concert.  Iwow can be used with iPhone, iPad, and ipod.  This adapter doesn't use the headphone jack.  It plugs in to the 30 pin connector of the idevice.  I have used iWow 3D for several weeks now and listened to all types of music including Rock, Country, Gospel, and Rap.  I didn’t find any music that didn’t sound better.  This iwow makes any kind of music sound awesome. 

 After using the iwow on my idevice for about a month when I turn it off the music sounds flat and not as crisp.  I will always use iWow with my idevices of any type.

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  • Makes any genre of music sound better
  • Comes with free app downloadable in app store to set music controls
  • Increases Volume
  • Affordable at $69.99


  • Effects Battery life
  • Adds more adapters to keep from losing
  • No way to Charge device While using iWow 3D 


  I really enjoy using the iWow 3D on my idevices.  If you consider yourself an audiophile this item is a must.  You will be amazed in the difference the iWow makes to the sound of the music.  I really enjoy being able to adjust the treble and bass as I want while listening to any music.  I think it’s an item any person who uses an idevice will be glad they purchased.  Purchase your iwow 3D today at  Let me know how you like the iWow in the comments section.



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