Review: iSlip **iDevice Screen Cleaner**

The hardest thing about having an IOS device is keeping the screen clean.  I have found a way to keep the screen clean at your finger tips.  The iSlip is a new product made for the very purpose of cleaning device screens.  The iSlip is made like a head band.  Its stretchy so it can be carried around the ipad.  If you prefer not to carry it around the device its small enough to slip behind any case and the idevice.  Its made from a micr fabric type cloth for cleaning delicate surfaces.  If you have ever tried to clean the a screen on you idevice its no easy job.  The more you rub seems like the worse it smears.  The micofiber type cloth the iSlip is made prevents smearing.  It does a fantastic job cleaning the idevice screen.  I don't know how I ever cleaned my screen before using this product.

  The iSlip can be used for advertisement too.  If a company wanted to have their logo printed on the back of the iSlip these guys can do it.  They do have a quanity minimum for screen printing.  They offer several different colors for the iSlip.  The iSlip can be purchased at


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  • Very Soft
  • Accessible
  • Easy to keep up with by attaching it around the device
  • Inexpensive
  • Cleans Screen very well



  • I would like to see a size made to fit the iphone or ipod


This is one great product.  I know everyone has had their idevices screen to smear from touching it.  That is on down side of using a touch screen.  Our fingers leave finger prints each time we touch the screen.  Well here's the solution.  Log on to www.cooper-product.comto buy yours today.





Mitch Stevens




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